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Election 2018: Maine, Florida and Oregon voters decide on tax, bond questions 11/9/2018

Election 2018: Connecticut, Louisiana, Utah decide on use of transportation dollars 11/9/2018

Election 2018: Voters in three states decide fate of fuel-tax related questions 11/9/2018

Election 2018: California voters to get say on time changes 11/2/2018

Election 2018: Michigan voters to decide whether to legalize weed, benefit roads 10/26/2018

Election 2018: Washington state voters to decide on carbon fee, 14-cent fuel tax boost 10/22/2018

Election 2018: Missouri voters to decide on 10-cent fuel tax increase, freight funding 10/15/2018

Election 2018: California voters to decide whether to repeal new vehicle taxes and fees 10/12/2018

Election 2018: Connecticut voters to decide on transportation 'lockbox' 10/9/2018

Election 2018 Louisiana voters to decide on fuel tax revenue use 10/1/2018

Election 2018: Oregon voters to decide whether to close tax loophole 9/25/2018

Election 2018: Utah voters to weigh in on increased fuel tax for education use 9/19/2018

Election 2018: Colorado fall ballot to include two transportation funding questions 9/10/2018

Election 2018: Missouri's 10-cent fuel tax increase vote survives second legal challenge 9/6/2018

Election 2018: Florida voters to decide on two-thirds requirement for tax or fee increases 8/22/2018

Election 2018: Missouri judge rules vote on 10-cent fuel tax increase can move forward 8/16/2018

Election 2018: Maine voters to decide on $106 million in transportation bonds 8/14/2018

Election 2018: It's official: California voters will decide on vehicle tax and fee increase repeal 7/3/2018

Election 2018: California voters say 'yes' to protecting new transportation revenue 6/7/2018

Election 2018 Georgia voters decide on sales tax questions for transportation 5/29/2018