August 1999 Magazine Archive
August 1999

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FHWA rest area forum
By John Siebert

Iowa's CMV drug busters
What's on the bottom of your shoes?

Feed the Children fallout
By Sandi Soendker

Company seeking foreign drivers
Hogan Transport recruits in Barbados

Court shoots down ADA petitioners
Issue is whether condition can be corrected

State legislative update
By Ruth Jones

NJ highway controversy escalates
Governor signs order restricting trucks

Editor's Page
By Sandi Soendker


Julie Cirillo speaks out - part 2
Out-of-service criteria, accident causation data

High Perfornamce Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Bottom Line

Insurance Update
By Donna Ryun

Hauling Produce
By Randy Gunderman

Tax Tips
By Barry and Howard

Truck Financing
By Craig Sciara

Asset Protection 101
By Rick Bell

Line One

Marriage in the Long Run
By Ellen Voie

One Byte at a Time
By John Ewing