February 1999 Magazine Archive
February 1999

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Size and Weight Update
Volume III of Federal Study Released

Philly Crackdown on Trucks
Traffic Snarled on I-95

OOIDA v. Prime
Private Right of Action at Issue

Speed Limit Update
By Ruth Jones

New OSHA Regs
Life on the Dock Just Got Harder

Hours of Service Update
Negotiated rulemaking investigated

VA I-81 Safety Meeting
Wolf and Goodlatte host

Editor's Page
By Sandi Soendker

Issues and Positions
By Jim Johnston

Washington Insider
By Paul Cullen Jr.

Out-of-Service Criteria
Rulemaking on the Horizon?


Operation Trucker Check
The Real Story of the Oregon Blitz

How Much Does Your Banker Need to Know?
By Jason Cisper

Trucking Video Wins Award
Morgan's "Mistress called the Road" takes honors

Bottom Line

Insurance Update
By Donna Ryun

Powering Up for Comfort
By Ruth Jones

Chain Law Update
Where do you need 'em where you don't - weather information, too

Getting the Most Miles From Your Tires
By Paul Abelson

Light Up the Night
By Paul Abelson

Hauling Produce
By Randy Gunderman

Tax Tips
By Barry and Howard

High Perfornamce Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Truck Financing
By Craig Sciara

The Contract Said WHAT?
Pitfalls in Broker and Carrier Contracts

Prospecting for Gold - Part 2
By Ruth Jones and Jason Cisper

Line One

One Byte at a Time
By John Ewing