June/July 1999 Magazine Archive
June/July 1999

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Ohio Lawmakers Stonewall Speed Limit Bill
New legislation will propose a test 

Texas Uniform Speed Bill Signed into Law
Split speed limits eliminated on most highways

Parking on Oregon On-Ramps
Truckers blamed for garbage, damage

Mineta's Task Force
Blue ribbon panel addresses industry woes

OMCHS Safety Action Plan
OOIDA urges reconsideration

Canada News

Speed Limit Update
By Ruth Jones

Editor's Page
By Sandi Soendker

Issues and Positions
By Jim Johnston

Washington Insider
By Paul Cullen, Jr.

Legislative News

Slater Announces Aggressive Plan
Highway safety, drivers' needs top priorities

OOIDA Board Meets
Motor carrier rating system on the horizon

Green Diesel Technology

NHTSA Announces Recalls

RoadStar Radio News
Program shows quick growth after launch

Mark Martin
In your dreams

Truckers Get High Marks
Drug use violation rate drops 41 percent 


The Victim who Survived
By Jason Cisper

Will we lose power?

Julie Cirillo Speaks Out
Who is she and what is her game plan?

Once Upon a Layover
By Ruth Jones

Bottom Line

Insurance Update
By Donna Ryun

Truck Financing
By Craig Sciara

Safe and Secure 
Protection for you and your truck

Holding it All Together
By Paul Abelson

Remanufacturing Trucks
By Bill Siuru

Hauling Produce
By Randy Gunderman

Asset Protection 101
By Rick Bell

High Perfornamce Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Tarping a Load
By Ruth Jones

Oil and Owner-Operators
Three approaches to preventive maintenance

Line One

One Byte at a Time
By John Ewing

Marriage in the Long Run
By Ellen Voie