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May 1999

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The Michigan House Transportation Committee Delays Voting on HB 4377.  

Speed Bill Clears Texas Senate

Trucking Companies Sought to Aid Victims of Tornado Disaster

Trucker Says He Will Sue
By Jason Cisper

Update on Mayflower Lawsuits

California's Diesel Dilemma

OOIDA Toll Lawsuits
Double taxation charged; one turnpike director agrees

Alabama Fuel Marker Fees
More than 100 motor carriers have failed to identify o/o's or agents who may have a refund coming.  Here's a list of those carriers.

Editor's Page
by Sandi Soendker


Going to Small Claims Court
By Jason Cisper

Special Section

Extended maintenance

Bottom Line

Insurance Update
By Donna Ryun

Tax Tips
By Barry and Howard

Truck Financing
By Craig Sciara

Hauling Produce
By Randy Gunderman

High Perfornamce Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Line One

One Byte at a Time
By John Ewing

Marriage in the Long Run
By Ellen Voie