August/September 2000 Magazine Archive
August/September 2000

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Editor's Page
By Sandi Soendker

Issues and Positions
By Jim Johnston

Washington Insider
By Paul Cullen, Jr.

Lawsuit update
OOIDA, et al v Rocor (dba Donco Carriers)

Trucking's champion in the Senate
By Todd Spencer

Hours-of-service proposal
By Sandi Soendker

Truckers say they've been had
By Ruth Jones

State legislative update
AZ speed limits won't change


Land Line History
By Jason Cisper

Owner-operators & their new trucks
OOIDA members rate their new rides

OOIDA member profile
Larry Farnsworth, one of OOIDA's first members

Trucker chronicles
By Donna Carlson

Hot time in Las Vegas
Triple digit temps at ITS

Motion Master
By Donna Carlson

Air for your engine
By Paul Abelson

Oil, engines & owner-operators
Bob Stempinski is going for the long miles

Wheel end maintenance, part 2
By Paul Abelson

Charge air coolers
By Paul Abelson

Bottom Line

OOIDA member info
By Donna Ryun

Tax Tips
By Barry and Howard of PBS

Road Law
By Jeff McConnell & James Mennella

Hauling Produce
By Randy Gunderman

High Performance Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Line One

Marriage in the long run 
By Ellen Voie

Dozing during the day
By Jason Cisper

First aid on the road
By Donna Carlson