March/April 2002 Magazine Archive
March/April 2002 Magazine Issue

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Insurance outlook 2002
By Donna Ryun

Member profile: Joe Weischedel
By René Tankersley

Inside OOIDA - Medical Benefits Group
Helping truckers prepare for the future

I-376 - The road to better treatment from your motor carrier
By Belinda Harrison

Trucker to Trucker
You never know what's over the next hill

OOIDA scholarship news
By Keith Goble

Truck historical society moves to Kansas City
By Keith Goble

Special Mid-America Trucking Show Issue

Once a year in Loo-vull
Product sneak preview

More MATS news

Planning your louisville walkabout
By Paul Abelson

MATS special announcements

Bottom Line

OOIDA Member Info
By Donna Ryun

Tax Tips 
By Barry and Howard of PBS

Road Forum
By Mark Taylor

Road Law 
By Jeff McConnell & James Mennella

When pressure is good for you
By Paul Abelson

Personal Wheels 
By Paul Abelson

High Performance Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Satellite radio
By technical editor Paul Abelson

Weather radio
24/7 disaster warnings

Oil, engines & owner-operators
Ed & Pam Wetmiller

Prostate cancer and early detection

Line One