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July 2003 Magazine Issue

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Split speed limits simply not safe
By Keith Goble

Trucker winning fight for accessibility to truckstop facilities
By René Tankersley

Trucker Perspectives
By James S. Bricken

Truckers Speak Out
Results from Land Line's weekly poll questions

Scam targets truckers entering Neward, NJ
By Mark H. Reddig

Editor's Page
By Sandi Soendker

Issues & Positions
By Jim Johnston

Washington Insider
By Paul Cullen Jr.


Beware the Dragon
By Mark H. Reddig

OOIDA on the road
By Woody & Paula Chambers

NAST truck beauty contest
Charlie's Country Corner, Grayling, MI

No rain on our shine
By Suzanne Stempinski

OOIDA to truckers
By Dick Larsen

Stress-free running
By Dick Larsen

Road Forum
More on June Safety Month

Bottom Line

Power to the people?
By Paul Abelson

How do the new engines stack up so far?
By Paul Abelson

OOIDA Member Info
By Donna Ryun

Tax Tips
By Barry and Howard

Road Law
By Jeff McConnell & James Mennella

High Performance Diesels
By Bruce Mallinson

Maintenance Q&A
By Paul Abelson

Modern Trucking Techniques
By Paul Abelson

Line One

Short Takes
By Dick Larsen

What’s New

Roses & Razzberries
By Dick Larsen