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May 2005 Magazine Issue

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Truckers in the News

You can fight city hall
By Coral Beach

Meeting in the middle
By Jami Jones

Trucking People

A Change of pace
By Suzanne Stempinski

Taking over the reins
By Aaron Ladage

Goodyear Highway Hero

Bottom Line

Tax Tips
By Barry & Howard

Off The Network
By Don & Debbie Morrow

Road Law
By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella

It's Your Business
By Donna Ryun

Maintenance Q&A
By Paul Abelson

Stuck between a rock and an A-frame
By Jami Jones and Paul Abelson

Modern Trucking Techniques

Fighting Back
By Nick Erdmann

Load & lock
By Paul Abelson

Securing the trailer
By Paul Abelson

Your health
By Mark H. Reddig

Dash cams
By Land Line staff

Line One

By Bill Hudgins

Audio Book Review
By Jonathan Lowe