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Federal Update

Diabetes waiver going bye-bye?
By Jami Jones

EPA considers California reefer regulation request
By Aaron Ladage


I-70 toll bridge moves forward
By Keith Goble

Lawsuit challenges Indiana Toll Road Lease
By David Tanner and Keith Goble

Hot Topics

CVSA Roadcheck dates set

Light reg enforcement suspended
By Jami Jones

Analyze this
By Jami Jones

Search and Seizure
By Aaron Ladage

Fuel School
By Terry Scruton

Bottom Line

Pills, magnets and stickers
By Paul Abelson

Road Law
By JeffMcConnell and James Mennella

Modern Trucking Techniques
By Paul Abelson

It's your business
By Donna Ryun

Line One

By Bill Hudgins

Roses & Razzberries
By Terry Scruton