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August/September 2007 Magazine Issue

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Issues and positions 

Mexican trucks: Prepare for the backlash
By OOIDA President Jim Johnston

Hot fuel 

Fuel fever
By Staff Writer David Tanner


Trucker's iPhone
By Online Editor Aaron Ladage

On the road, it's a dog's world
By "Land Line Now" Host Mark Reddig

Locked into NAFTA?
By Director of Government Affairs Rod Nofziger


Going underground
By Staff Writer Terry Scruton

OOIDA scholarships
By Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland

Shifting gears
By Staff Writer Charlie Morasch

Bottom Line

New day, new way 

Choices choices
By Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson

More bang for your buck
By contributing writer Jeff Barker 

Have the parts available

Picking the right power

Making the payment

Idling laws
By Land Line and OOIDA staff 

Anti-idling incentives
By Land Line and OOIDA staff 

Idling-reduction solutions

Can't you build your own?
By Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson


Don't shoot the juice

Thanks, but no thanks
By Donna Ryun

Line One

Roses & Razzberries 
Terry Scruton's back for more

On the lighter side
By Online Editor Aaron Ladage

RufeTube: Behave yourself
By Bill Hudgins 

In cab fever
Our picks for books and music