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An article in the May 2009 edition of Land Line contained incorrect information. The California Air Resources Board is requiring all California-based motor carriers to submit reefer information to its registry. CARB is encouraging out-of-state operators to voluntarily submit reefer information.

Cover Story

Deadly Consequences
By Clarissa Kell-Holland



Issues & Positions
By Jim Johnston

System activated
By Charlie Morasch

Hot Topics

Diagnosis: Regulationitis
By Charlie Morasch

Federal Update

Washington Insider
By Rod Nofziger


Chicken dinner news
By Sandi Soendker

The different beat
By Suzanne Stempinski

Your cell phone plan
By Peggy Bendel 

Paul's picks from TMC
By Paul Abelson

Understanding high blood pressure
By Dr. John McElligott

Bottom Line

Against the wind
By Paul Abelson

Keeping it to yourself
By Jeff Barker

Revving up your credit score
By Steve Freidell

Maintenance Q&A
By Paul Abelson 

Road law
By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella 

Tax tips 
By Howard Abrams

Line One

Dashboard confidential
By Dave Sweetman

By William "Wild Bill" Rode

By Bill Hudgins 

Roses & razzberries
By Terry Scruton