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Cover Story


Drivers with apnea need not apply
By Charlie Morasch

We all share a responsibility and duty
By Doug Morris

By Reed Black


A fresh look at fatigue
By David Tanner

Toll giants get a foot in the door
By David Tanner

Washington Insider

Trumping the chatter
By Laura C. O'Neill

Association News

OOIDA scholarship winner
By Clarissa Kell-Holland

State Watch

OOIDA's state watch
By Keith Goble

Bills covering truck contracts, truck rates, tolling, ticketing methods and idling among those still being considered
By Keith Goble


Voice for the lost
By Clarissa Kell-Holland

Grassroots knowledge + corporate focus
By Charlie Morasch

Chicken dinner
By Kerry Evans-Spillman

Delivering dreams
By Suzanne Stempinski

Sizzling trucks stand out in Vegas
By Suzanne Stempinski

Test driving the KW T series
By Suzanne Stempinski

Vaccinations: Why do we need them?
By John McElligott, M.D. and Jeff Heinrich

Fire and Ice

Has the evolution of key-off technology given truckers a way to find the middle ground of comfort, compliance and cost-savings?

Options, options and more options
By Paul Abelson

Plugged in and charged up
By Paul Abelson

APU vs. battery power
By Jeff Barker

Bottom Line

Paul's Picks
By Paul Abelson

Road law
By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella

Tax tips
By Howard Abrams

Line One

Spitballin' with Cowpoke
By Bob 'Cowpoke' Martin

By Bill Hudgins

Roses & Razzberries
By Terry Scruton